Top Tale

Why Play TOP TALE?

TOP TALE™ earns its slogan, “Get To Know Your Fellow Human™”, by turning the process of getting to know your fellow human into a fun and often insightful experience. Since the game is all about getting to know people, it’s encouraged that players be honest and open. You’ll find as you play the game, that it’s not always the best content of your responses that wins the game, but it could come down to how entertaining you can make your response, so let loose your silliness!

You may find that you enjoy playing the game simply to get to know your fellow humans, and so you may consider playing the game without voting or keeping score. In this manner you can play with two or more people and focus on getting to know your fellow human.

If you end up liking TOP TALE, then stay tuned for more volumes and themed releases. Learn more at, or follow Yub Nub Games on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If TOP TALE is as well received as it has been so far, then there may eventually be several volumes and special editions of the game, that can all be played together.

How to Play TOP TALE:

The game starts with the person with the most recently passed birthday (this is part of the whole, “Get to Know Your Fellow Human” Thing). That person draws a card from the top of the deck, and reads the card’s topic and caption aloud. Starting with the person who draws the card, each person provides their answer to the topic. This continues clockwise until all players have provided a response. At the end of the round, all players will vote for their favorite response, without any person voting for themselves. The response receiving the most votes wins the round and receives the topic card. Play continues clockwise, with each person to the left drawing the next topic card. It’s pretty easy, but if the game doesn’t start making sense after a round or two, please reread the instructions upside down to see if it makes more sense.

Play continues until either the cards are all used, until players get tired of learning about each other, or until a player has reached a predetermined number of topic cards (for example, you might play until someone has accrued five cards). At the end of the game, the person with the most cards, wins!

In Case of a Tie:

If during a round there is a tie between two or more players, a “tiebreaker” topic card will be drawn, and the players in the tiebreaker round will provide their answers to the tiebreaker card. In case you’re wondering… the “tiebreaker” card is just a regular topic card that happens to be used in a tiebreaker round. The winner is voted on by everyone in the game. The winner of the tiebreaker round will receive both the original round topic card, as well as the tiebreaker round topic card. In the event of a tie in the tiebreaker round, keep going until someone has won, and they will receive all the tiebreaker cards and the original card.

Optional Rules for the Game:

Some people talk too much, so if needed, create a time limit for responses. No, we’re not providing a timer, use your phone, silly! Some stories are worth the wait until the punchline, so it’s recommended to play without a timer first, and only introduce the timer if that chatty Cathy just won’t stop jibber jabbing. 

During any round, a player may pass, especially if they are morbidly uncomfortable responding to a particular topic or they don’t think they have a chance to win the round; however, they obviously forfeit that round.

For other ideas on different ways to use TOP TALE, check out the TOP TALE Forum on for ideas that players have come up with, and stories of how the game has affected other humans’ lives.



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