Terrazone, Clash of Creatures


TerraZone, Clash of Creatures is a 2-player trading card game developed by Rob C. Miller(Zero), along with Ryan Roscoe(Taitu), and Kayla Dailey(Draco/The -Emerald-Dragon). Together they form the business, Mystic Mask Media LLC. The game pins players against each other in a race to reduce the other players Reserves to 0 and land the finishing blow. Players accomplish this by utilizing their Fighting Creatures & Support cards to form Squads, create passive threats with Rogue Creatures, and make tactile decisions with their board permanent Terrain cards. Players must also carefully manage their Will Power in order to play more powerful Creatures, draw more cards, or play more support effects to attain victory!


TerraZone is a zany, cartoony game full of puns, mischief, and adventure. Underneath the surface of the cartoony aesthetic lies deeper stories hidden among each image. Some being of a dark past, some more lighthearted, and some, simply beautiful. The game is a strategic, almost board game-like TCG. The game consists of 15 playable areas for cards to be placed. It focuses heavily on card placement, both on your side and the opponent’s side of the board. The game starts with most of the board locked, all except for arrows pointing from the Terrain card of choice. Most cards have arrows on them, and as more cards get played, more spaces on the board get unlocked based on where the arrows point.

The gameboard consists of the main 15 spaces cards can be played the field, as well as the game’s life sources to the left (The Reserves) and a space for the Deck and Discard pile.

A player can choose to play any combination of the 5 currently revealed Affinities: All of which have their own unique way with interacting with the board

Affinities: Wind: -Board Manipulation- They focus on moving cards around on the board, whether it is your side of the field or the opponent’s side.

Fire: -Power Boosting- They generate Flame Tokens on their side of the field and Consume them for various power boosting effects. This affinity focuses heavily on gaining high attack power

Water: -Card Control- They force your opponent to play near Flood Tokens, of which are used to discard the opponent’s cards from the field and drown the opponent’s cards to the depths of the ocean.

Earth: -Support Denial- They terraform the board with Slab Tokens, which are consistently rising and descending in height. This affinity focuses on denying the opponent of support or achieving effects from being on higher Slab Tokens than the opponent.

Omni: -Arrow Control- A special Affinity, which is easy to splash into any deck theme. They focus on choosing custom arrow schemes for the player.

There are currently 6 types of cards in Terrazone: Fighting Creatures, Support Creatures, Support Attachments, Rogue Creatures, Terrains, and Tokens.

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