Stitchcraft is a two-player strategy card game where players take the role of rival merchants using their magic-infused tapestries to build a winning tableau to curry favor from the market crowds.  The game won an award at our previous convention preview for packing lots of strategy into simple rules. A single spell is woven into 8 colors of tapestries – be the first to assemble a showcase of 7 of the colors or 4 of a single color to win, then try a new Pattern to change the gameplay strategy with a new set of 8 spells!

Stop by the #stitchcraft-instructions channel at the in>D:\development Discord server ( to learn how to get a free Steam beta key (currently Windows only) for the digital version, featuring a fully functional AI opponent to test against!  The end of the instructions will take you to Boomer’s Workshop Discord ( where we’ll be streaming games in learn-to-play events during the convention.  Come play with the developers and your fellow convention attendees, and join us for a tournament during the con!

Video introduction:

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We look forward to playing with you soon!

Kevin @ Boomer’s Workshop & Ryan @ in>D:\development