Sage’s Art Shop


I’m Sage, a card game enthusiast that spends most of his spare time drawing. I have played card games for the last ~8 years, after returning to YuGiOh in high school and then finding Magic the Gathering in college. I’m going to try to stay active all weekend of the event, so that I can hit the ground running on any and all commissions I get hit with.

For all types of commissions, please inquire in a private message, but feel free to ask any questions in this channel. I only accept Paypal as payment for all commissions. Expect to pay up-front.

In order to make it easy to do the $3 traditional sketches, you can pay for one on Ko-fi. Be sure to send me a link to your character in it or mention your username and PM your request to me. Paypal is okay for these if you are not comfortable with using Kofi.

For all commission requests, please answer the following questions in some form:


You can find useful posts of all of my art, both good and bad on Twitter and DeviantArt.
Deviantart Gallery:


10-Minute Sketch Gallery:
I’ve done dozens of sketch requests on the Elder Scrolls Online subreddit

Alter shop:
The Gallery covers almost every single alter I’ve ever done. More than half are commissioned work.
As a note, some of the alters on the shop are cheaper than others. The cheaper ones were done at least 2 years ago. I wouldn’t say they’re bad or unusable, but I have upgraded to more expensive paint and obviously gained experience over the years. The more-recent ones are the ones signed with an ‘SC’ in the corner. It’s something I only started doing within the last year, so it’s a good way to tell the newer ones apart.