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About HTCG News

HTCG News was created by Chaun Farmer, and owned by Xyphien LLC. HTCG News stands for Homemade Trading Card Game News, and was created to be those who are either creating their own card game, or card game enthusiasts one stop shop for everything homemade TCG & CCG related. From a community ran marketplace that allows people to buy and sell their own card games, to tips & tricks on how to create your own card games and do it right. Our goal is to give people the resources that so many people keep to themselves. We want to share the wealth of making a good card game, and as we learn we share our knowledge with you all! In return, all we ask is to be an active part of our community discord and forums!

Our community offers a lot of unique content as well! For being active on the forums you earn currency which you can redeem for professional reviews, promotion, art critiques, game-play critiques and tons more!