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Welcome to our page! Here we’d like to introduce you to our upcoming boardgame Journey to Ecrya, brought to you by indie studio Ecrya Games. Journey to Ecrya is a fantasy card game for 2 to 4 players. You chose one of eight heroes to embark on your journey towards the ruin-city of Ecrya. On your way up the mountain, you encounter dangerous beasts and some of societies most vicious rejects. Equip your hero with weapons, armor, and other items to survive. Weave powerful spells and use provisions to brave the wilds and their dangers. Be the first player to reach the forgotten city, defeat the menacing final boss that lurks there, and win the game! Role playing is encouraged, but not necessary to enjoy the game. Journey to Ecrya is a physical card/boardgame, supported by a digital version. Both will become available after the kickstarter!

Hero Cards: eight playable heroes for you to chose from!- each with their own strengths and weaknesses- all of them embarking on this journey for their own goals and reasons 

Boss Cards: the menacing creatures awaiting you on the mountaintop.- one for each of the enemy factions. The last obstacle between you and your goal 

Treasure Cards: 50 different and unique items, trinkets, provisions or spells!- armor, weapons and trinkets that can be equipped to strengthen your characters’ stats- combat and non-combat spells and provisions to boost your attack, heal or other powerful bonuses 

Encounter Cards: also 50 different, unique cards. Everything you come across on your journey!- enemy cards belonging to one of 3 factions, random meetings or places. Each requiring a choice on how to proceed- there is no wrong or wright with your choices, each interaction can lead to a positive or negative outcome, depending on your luck with the dice 

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