D.O.O.R. Keeper


Using the newfound power of the D.O.O.R., summon forth hordes of soldiers and monsters to amass a powerful army in order to both defend your base and lead an attack on your enemy. Harnessing the prowess and skill of warriors (referred to as Units) and heroes (referred to as Leaders) from any realm, destroy the sentries that guard the enemy base in order to gain access to their keep and defeat the enemy leader that waits inside. You have been chosen to receive the tokens of power from the Primas, you have been selected as the Doorkeeper. Choose your allegiance to the Primas of Red, Yellow, and Blue and begin your adventure!




In the beginning, there was not nothing. There has always been. Every possible beginning has begun and every possible ending has ended. But that is not where we live, that is not when we rule. For we rule here. The four of us.

Prima Red is the Prima of Independent Action. Its fundamental Elements are fire that consumes and destroys that which stands before it and the earth that swarms the now barren land with growth and new life. Fealty to Red means living a life of overwhelming your enemies whether by razing their land with fiery damage or empowering your own with nature’s blessing.

Prima Yellow is the Prima of Constant Balance. While its component Elements are opposites sworn to destroy one another, they are also both necessary in the universal system. One gives life while the other takes it away, one is order while the other is chaos. Fealty to Yellow means fealty to a cause beyond your understanding, valuing both sides of conflict and working to control them from a cosmic view.

Prima Blue is the natural Dependent Flow of reality and time. Its component Elements focus on responding to the situation at hand without immediate violence or destruction. They are the power of the oceans and freedom of the skies. Fealty to Blue means tactical and precise counters to the enemy while strengthening your allies.

Prima White is the youngest of the Primas and as of now, unrecognized by the other three. It was born of the rapid advancement of people who through their actions and unity created a new deity. As such, White prefers to engage with the people whose actions formed it. Its constituent Elements oppose one another, just like those of Yellow, with one seeking to power reality and the other seeking to end it.