Cards of Creation

Cards Of Creation is a 2 player Trading Card Game in which you fight other powerful beings that try and take over the realm. Weild powerful spells and control dangerous creatures to ensure your rule. In Cards Of Creation you start out with 20 Life. This life is depleted by receiving damage from creatures and spells that either you or your opponent controls.The gameplay mechanics are very simple and easy to understand. Cards Of Creation takes what was hard or not as easy to learn from other Trading Card Games and simplifies it to ensure all have fun. The Relic System, which is a type of card and zone in the game, make this game very unique and fun which makes each game different.

Long long ago, 5 mages by the names of Igni, Mizu, Oralee, Geneva, and Necroxia, had an enormous battle. The magic that each of them weild was so powerful that it caused a rift to form. This rift then imploded and sucled everything and anyone around them into an alternate dimension. Each mage was spit out on the other side of the rift into different areas of the realm. Each mage was unbeleivably weak, but still weilded enough power to open their own rifts to project their astral form in alternate times and dimensions to recruit soldiers and build an army to take control over their new home. They will never be able to leave this realm, but they can ensure their safety by taking it over.

In Cards Of Creation there are 5 different types of elements to play. There is also a card type called Relics that have a few different sub types. Lastly, there are cards called Locale Cards.
In each of the elements, there are 2 card types known as Creature Cards and Spell Cards. These card are your main source of damage and support. With creaatures, there are 3 different types: Basic, Apprentice, and Master. Basic creatures allow you to have 4 copies of them in your deck. Apprentice creatures allow you to have 2 copies of them in your deck. Lastly, Master creatures allow you to only have 1 copy in your deck.
Now we have Relics. You can have up to 7 DIFFERENT Relic cards in your deck. Relics are where this game gets interesting. As there are 7 slots in your deck for Relics, that doesnt mean you can only have 7 Relics. Let me explain. You can have 4 copies of a Basic Relic Creature and that will only take up 1 Relic slot. The rules with creature types still apply with Relics. You can have 2 copies of any Equipment Relic and it will also only take up 1 slot in your deck. Permanent Relics, you can have only 1 copy of. Counter Relics, you can only have 1 copy of. Lastly for the Relics, we have Single Use Relics, again you can only have 1 copy of. I’ll give an example below.
Slot 1: 4x Timeless Knight (Basic Relic Creature)
Slot 2: 2x Wrath (Apprentice Relic Creature)
Slot 3: 1x Young Archon, The Heir (Master Relic Creature)
Slot 4: 2X Dragon Halberd (Equipment Relic)
Slot 5: 1x Smouldering Stone (Permanent Relic)
Slot 6: 1x Loaded Dice (Counters Relic)
Slot 7: 1x Time Warp (Single Use Relic)
Lastly, Locales. Locales are simple. You can only have 1 Locale Card in your deck.

1: Deck – Contains 50 to 80 cards
2: Discard Pile – Contains all of your used spells and destroyed creatures
3: Battlefield – This is where all of your creatures are played
4: Tribute Zone – This is where all of your cards used as Tribute are played
5: Relic Zone – This is where your Relic cards must go before being played
6: Locale Zone – This is where your Locale card is played
7: Side Deck – You may have a side deck of 15 cards that you may have just off of the play mat
Note: Side decks contain up to 15 cards. Some cards allow you to play cards from your side deck to your game without having them in your actual deck. Also, you may switch cards out from your side deck to your main deck between matches. A standard match is best 2 out of 3.

1: Card Element – This displays what element this card is in
2: Name – This displays the name of the card
3: Card Type – This displays what type of card it is
4: Rarity – This displays the value of rarity
5: Image – This displays an image of what the card looks like
6: Lore – This displays lord or a saying for flavor text
7: Ability – This displays the ability of what the card does when played
8: Cost – This displays the cost of how much tribute the card needs to be played
9: Archetype – This displays the race or type of card. Other card with the same archetype usually work together.
10: Power – This displays how strong the creature is. Only creatures have power.
11: Information – This displays the number in the set, the set number, illustrator, and the copyright
Note: Not all cards look the same. Spells dont have power. Not all creatures or spells have an Archetype. It is up to you to make sure you dont confuse a creature with a spell, a spell with a relic etc.


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