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How would this be possible you might ask?

GCO will be held like any other convention, the only difference is it will be online. We’re focusing on our Website, Discord, Twitch, and the prize of the show will be the MMO aspect of the convention. Our Website will have all of our times, events, and everything you’d need to know such as vendors, where to buy their products, what they’re offering, etc. For those who do not know what Discord is, it’s a chatting service that allows you to view different channels inside of a main chatroom. Our MMO will be a place to virtually chat with all of our publishers, vendors, and see the eConvention in a way that hasn’t been done before! This way you can ask any questions you’d like, see what all is available for their games, products, etc. This creates the same feeling as talking to vendors in person, however all will be via the chatroom. We will have a discord server that has a general chatroom where everyone can talk to everyone, as well as a channel for all of our vendors. This allows you to talk one on one with the vendors and developers of the game. Not only does Discord offer chat systems, they also offer voice chat as well. So you can actually talk with vendors for their games, as well as other people interested in the vendor, or one of our various other voice chat rooms. This allows you to play D&D, and other TableTop games with everyone using our voice chat, and dedicated channels.

Our goal is to create as real of a convention as possible all in the luxury of your home. If you have any other suggestions, requests, or concerns do not hesitate to ask via our contact us page.

How do you join or become a Vendor?

Joining is easy! To join the MMO simply click on HERE to pay the $5 fee and DM Xyphien on discord Xyphien#1332 To join for free All you have to do is join our discord, or our mailing list and we will notify you when we’re going to start the convention, as well as any other important information along the way!


To participate in the majority of the events, and the convention itself make sure to join our discord!

*Click the image for link*

Become a Vendor

Becoming a Vendor is easy, all you have to do is send $30 to Xyphien LLC and then contact us with your transaction ID. After that we will contact you with any and all information we will need and add you to both the website and discord. The current price of being a Vendor is $30

Mailing List

Subscribe to the Mailing List

Become a Player

Becoming a Player is easy, all you have to do is send $5 to Xyphien LLC and then contact us with your transaction ID (Send a message on discord to Xyphien#1332 or Email). After that we will contact you with any and all information we will need and add create your account to play on the MMO!

Time & Schedule

What’s the schedule like?

Right now we’re still working out a schedule based off of the vendors, as well as when we think certain events should be held. Stay tuned for more information on this! All times are via EST (Eastern Standard Time) Vendors, and the discord will stay open as long as they want after and before these times, however this is when the actual convention will be held and all of it’s events. (Keep in mind that hours can start earlier and later than planned)

The time’s for each day are as followed:

April 30th: 12PM – 10PM EST (10 Hours)

May 1st: 12PM – 10PM EST (10 Hours)

May 2nd: 12PM – 10PM EST (10 Hours)

April 30th - 2021

To be determined.

May 1st - 2021

To be determined.

May 2nd - 2021

To be determined.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all the Frequently Asked Questions that we get! If you have any more, don’t hesitate to ask by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!

How much are tickets?

Tickets to participate in the MMO is a very modest price of $5, which you can purchase HERE or to participate in the discord and twitch it's completely free!

Where do I go to participate in the Convention?

You need to go to our discord. You can do so by clicking this link:
If you wish to become a Player for the MMO simply go HERE pay the $5 and then send a message to Xyphien#1332 on discord!

What is Discord?

Discord is a Text & Voice chat software with a ton of other features. This allows you the opportunity to play D&D, Tabletop, and loads of other games all on one single program!

How do I get a refund for items I purchased?

All tickets for Players and Vendors are non-refundable. All items, are purchased through the vendors end, and not on our end. In order to get a refund you will need to contact the vendor directly.

How exactly will this work?

This will be held like any other convention, the only difference is it will be online. We will have set hours Friday 1PM - 1AM, Saturday 11AM - 1AM and Sunday 11AM - 12AM. Vendors and guests can join and interact before and after that, however this is when the official times will be and when the events will be held. During those times we will have a schedule of several things happening. From tournaments, cosplay events, shoutouts, livestreams, tutorials and community teachings (where devs showcase how to play their game and play with the viewers), etc. There will be channels (also called tables) where people can play D&D, tabletop games, card games, etc. under the games category. This can be requested in #request-game-table once requested we will give the leader/dm the role to add everyone themselves to the channel and you can start that. There's even voice channels for those doing that to participate in, as well as voice channels for people to randomly talk in. Each vendor will have their own voice channel that they can talk to those interested in their products.

I'm getting too many pings in the discord, Can I turn it off?

You can! If you go to the channel #remove-pings and click on the eTableCon icon to get removed from 95% of all @everyone and @here pings.

How to become a Vendor?

Becoming a Vendor is easy! All you have to do is send us $20 at and then send us an email with your receipt number. We will then get all the information we need from you, and add you to the website & discord.

How to get a refund?

The only time you can get a refund is if we've changed the date, or canceled the convention. If we've changed the date or canceled, you can get a refund by contacting us and sending us your receipt ID, as well as information on why you're requesting a refund.

What happens when I'm a Vendor?

When you're a Vendor you will get your very own tab on this website will all the information you'd like to put (within reason) this includes pictures, links to your product, website, social media, etc. as well as anything else. You will also receive your own channel, and if you use programs like TTS (Tabletop Simulator) or other programs of that nature you can even get allotted and promoted time to play-test your game.


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